Adaptation to Spanish of the Short Version of Multidimensional Inventory of Perfectionism in Sport During Competition (2017)

Jeanette Magnolia López Walle

Subido el 01 de mar a las 17:43 hrs


The aim of this study was to validate the adaptation to Spanish of the short version of the Multidimensional Inventory of Perfectionism in Sport (MIPS) in competitive situation, by analyzing the factorial structure, factorial invariance by gender and type of sport (individual vs. collective), and the validity based on the relationship with other variables. 295 elite athletes of both genders responded to the instrument. The results confirmed the two-factor structure (striving for perfection, and negative reactions to imperfection), and that each factor is independently associated with the dimensions of precompetitive anxiety. They also showed structural equivalence and partial invariance of factor loadings of the inventory across sex and type of sport, but not invariance of intercepts. In conclusion, the validity of this adaptation is supported to measure perfectionism during sport competition.

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