Mexican validation of the basic psychological needs support in physical education questionnaire (2016)

Jeanette Magnolia López Walle

Subido el 01 de mar a las 17:46 hrs


Currently there are no instruments adapted to Mexican context measuring teacher’s support to basic psychological needs during physical education classes. Based on the self-determination theory, this research aims were: a) to translate and adapt the Basic Psychological Needs Support in Physical Education Questionnaire to Mexico, b) to examine the reliability and two proposed factor structures (one-factor and three-factor), and c) to analyze invariance across gender. Sample comprised 734 students (Mage = 13.70; SD = 1.09) from junior high schools. Results showed satisfactory internal consistency and suggested using the one-factor model. Besides, they showed invariance across gender. Th erefore, the questionnaire represents a valid and reliable measure of students’ perception about basic psychological needs support from their physical education teacher.

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